Triple Lucky 8's Slots

Today we’re going to be taking a look at the Triple Lucky 8's Slots, so if this is one of the slots that has been stuck on your wishlist for way too long, then be sure to keep on reading. We’re going to be discussing all of its key features, such as return to player rate, respins and minimum bets. If there is something that you wish to learn about this slot, then simply keep on reading. We take pride in keeping these reviews pretty short so that you can find out everything that you need in the least amount of time possible.

Key factors - The Triple Lucky 8's Slots

There’s tons to learn about the Triple Lucky 8's Slots, so let's dive straight into it. The first thing that we should be aware of when playing the Triple Lucky 8's Slots is that it has been brought out and developed by the Betsoft providers, who are pretty out of this world. They always deliver to the highest of standards, so have no fear when playing their slots. The slot came out pretty recently, in November time of 2023, so it has been around for a while. It’s nice to play video slots that have been around for a while because that means that people keep coming back to them.

Some of the most important things to note about the Triple Lucky 8's Slots include the likes of the RTP, which stands for the return to player rate. If you’re trying to win big, then you need to know about this figure because ultimately, it’s the most important one. Here in the Triple Lucky 8's Slots, it comes in at 96.26%, which is amazing because that means that it’s over the national average percentage. The higher this one is, the better, so keep your eyes peeled on it. Other things worth considering about the Triple Lucky 8's Slots include the likes of the variance level, and this comes in at medium. The hit frequency comes in at 24.69%, which is amazing.

Features and more

The best features worth trying out in here include the wilds and the respins, so when these appear to you, do not let them go. They are going to make your time here in the Triple Lucky 8's Slots worth it.


There are tons of reasons to try this epic slot out, so take it from me and consider it today. There are loads of positives waiting for you.