Hearts Desire Slots

Did the love doctor call? Perhaps, if you’re talking about the brand new Hearts Desire Slots. This love themed slot is sure to get that heart beating, and not just for the romance theme reasons. There are tons of wonderful opportunities that come hand in hand with this slot, so get excited to check it out today. There are neat and tidy graphics, interactive sounds and finally, features that are going to help you leave with massive wads of cash. Does this sound right to you? Then read about it today and see what you can get from it.

Key information - The Hearts Desire Slots

The Hearts Desire Slots has been brought out by none other than Betsoft themselves. Are we surprised? I didn’t think so. Betsoft are famous for bringing out brand new, hot slots, so it is no surprise that we have got yet another brilliant one here, thanks to them. The slot came out in December of 2022, so it has been around for about a year. This is a good length of time, because the fact that players are still coming back to it says a lot.

One of the best things to know about the Hearts Desire Slots is that it has got an incredible RTP rate, which stands for the return to player rate. The higher this figure is, the better, so stay alert on any changes. Here, it comes in at 96.13%, which is fantastic because that result is over the national average percentage. The higher it is, the better your chances will be. As for the variance level, this begins from just high. The hit frequency is also noteworthy, as this comes in at 22.36%. The maximum win reaches all of the way up to 1,787x the bet. As for the minimum and maximum bet, these start from just 0.3 but have the ability to reach all of the way up to 120.

Features that are worth it - The Hearts Desire Slots

There are plenty of wonderful features here in the Hearts Desire Slots, and these include the likes of the free spins, mystery symbols, progressive jackpots, scatter symbols, stacks, symbols collections and finally, the wilds. Try them out today and see what you can get from them, you’re going to love it.

The verdict

There are so many reasons to say yes to the Hearts Desire Slots this year, so be sure to put it down on your list of slots to try if you’re looking to have a fun time.